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What is the ECCO all about?

ECCO stands for Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestras. More hands-on than your average youth orchestra, our ECCO ensembles encourage young musicians to take an active role in music-making, and learn about all aspects of performing music in an ensemble. As well as playing instruments with others, participants get the chance to contribute music, create their own melodies, and even conduct their peers at the front of the orchestra! Our participants, their families and our tutors share the songs, melodies and instruments of their own cultures, and all our participants are taught to respect one another as musicians, whether they've been playing an instrument for ten weeks or ten years! ECCO thrives on the diversity of musical tradition that London and the UK has to offer, but also on its own sense of community.
We are grateful for the support of the Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation which funds the ECCO @ Lyric project and the Mayor's Music Fund funders of the ECCO London project and all the schools and music hubs that support the local ECCOs.

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If you would like to apply to join the ECCO project please download and complete the application form:

Application Form

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ECCO Partners & Locations

We currently have ensembles in the following areas:

ECCO @ the Lyric Hammersmith (Saturdays)

And in partnership with Enfield, and BEAT (Barnet) Music Hubs:

Mill Hill: @ The Orion Primary School (Tuesdays)
Enfield Lock: @ Chesterfield Primary School (Wednesdays)

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Why join an ECCO?

"I like to tell others about the songs I know in my language and to share my culture. Also to play and learn lots of different instruments!" - Shiza

"I like that the adults treat you like you're the same age and respect you" - Monique

"We all have turns to play something, there is break time and they give us chances and they also are respectful because they let us speak and do some of our own ideas." - Tyra

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