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Our International Projects

Musiko Musika also works internationally. Our link projects build networks between Chilean, Spanish and UK schools and organisations, helping students between the countries share music, culture and language through workshops and joint projects.

Through our training programmes we have shared the myriad of resources and music technologies that we have accrued over the past decades, as well as developing our own knowledge and understanding of schools and teaching around the world.

Previous international projects have included:


An innovative music technology project that encompassed recording and sequencing to produce a CD and the development of a team of children with skills in using music technology who undertook outreach work into a network of local schools to pass on their skills and understanding.

"Hola Chile"

This project linked two special needs schools, La Escuela Diferencial Pierre Méndez, San Pedro de La Paz (Chile) and QEII Jubilee school in Westminster, London.

"Isle of Wight / Chile Link Project"

Linked two schools in the Isle Wight with two schools in Coronel.

"Tu Isla, Mi Isla - Building Bridges"

A songwriting project linking the Escuela de La Isla Santa Maria, Chile with Sir Thomas Abney Primary School, Hackney.

Through the residency at Kensal Rise Primary School Musiko Musika directed and managed several link projects with Colegio Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer in Madrid.

If you are a part of an educating body outside of the United Kingdom and would like us to set up a link project between your organisation and a UK school, please contact us!

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Madrid, Spain

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Hualpén, Chile

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