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Sing and Learn - Resources pilot

Our Sing and Learn projects incorporate songs, music and rhythmic games to enable the development of strong speech and English language skills from early years upwards. We have found that musical activities and songs are an effective way to both teach English as a second language, as well as improving the linguistic development of those who have English as their mother tongue.

It works because it’s fun, strengthens memory skills and develops auditory and speech skills through the active participation of learners.

i am here!! is our dedicated Sing and Learn programme for Early Years. We have selected six songs from i am here!! to use for this online pilot with the audio, video, linguistics and musical activities. If you’d like to let us know how you get on using this pilot please use the feedback form below.

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i am here!! - Linguistic Framework

The fourteen songs in this programme have been written using the linguistic framework (outlined below). The songs are supported by a clear colour-coded guide to their linguistic features and are accompanied by suggestions for extension activities, as reinforcement to support language development.

Semantics The meaning of phrases and words (concepts and vocabulary) essential to early language acquisition.
Pragmatics The use and understanding of language in a social context.
The use and understanding of emotions, turn-taking, body language, and language and facial expressions.
Phonology The issues relating to speech production and the articulation of sounds.
Prosody The rhythm, stress and intonation of speech. Prosody reflects the various features of the Speaker ie. emphasis, contrast and focus, irony, sarcasm etc,...
Prosody also reflects the form of utterance ie. statement, question and command.
Syntax Refers to grammatical rules (standard English) and the sequence of words in connected speech.

The activities suggested for each song are intended as extension activities to further develop the linguistic skills outlined above.

Meet Songo!

Meet Songo: Songo appears throughout the i am here!! programme. Encourage your children to sing songs for Songo, and talk to them about how he likes to listen to people singing. Use the prompts that appear on each song page which are underneath Songo.

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